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Decentralizing Onramps
The first non-custodial onramp to fully decentralize the gates of the Web3 economy
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Truly Decentralized

Zephyr leverages Zero Knowledge proofs to ensure that on and off-rampers never need to rely on centralized institutions.

Self Custodial

Zephyr is entirely self-custodial, meaning that you never cede control of your crypto when buying or selling through Zephyr.


Zephyr uses a decentralized, smart contract escrow service to solve the problem of counterparty trust in peer to peer onramps.

User Flow

Our decentralized escrow service solves the issue of counterparty trust in a peer-to-peer system without relying on a trusted third party.

Our on-chain order book ensures that trades are instant and funds cannot be blocked, re-routed, or frozen. The order book employs a simple bulletin board design where sellers can post orders and transfer their funds to the smart contract.

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Bain Capital Crypto